Speaking the Mamma Tongue

Record Tracklist

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A collection of rhythmic and haunting world music performed by world class musicians including Tibetan singer Dadon, Pura Fe, and Morris Goldberg.

Composed and arranged by John McDowell

Additional melodies by Dadon and Weasal Bear
Lead Vocals: Dadon Dawadolma, Pura Fe, Kaissa Doumbe, Amir Paiss, Yan Kuba
Background Vocals: John McDowell, Stan Strickland, Michael Wimberly, Anja Husting, Kai Ladzinski, Ananda Bates
African Drums, Percussion, and Keyboards: John McDowell
African Drums: Karamo Sabally
Flutes: Eran Glantz, Morris Goldberg, Iris Brooks
Bass: Ken Rich
Tabla: Ty Burhoe
Khol (Indian Drum): Bima Karma
Mixed and produced by Daniel Baruch and John McDowell
Executive Producer: Eran Glantz
Mixed at Camp Hill Farms Studio, Pomona, NY